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Easy Small Business Website Design Tips for 2019

Top things to do before you hire a Website Developer in 2019 for small business website design.

Here at NOLA Web Team it is our #1 goal in 2019 and beyond to be a helpful resource as a Website design company in New Orleans for business owners to turn to when working hard to succeed in this digital marketing age. Reaching those goals must start of with a solid plan of attack to develop your website. Below is a short list of the top things to do before you hire a Website Developer in 2019.

Small Business Website Design Tips

Small Business Website Design

  1. Determine the reason you need or want a website – Make a document of those reasons,
    I believe that the first step you should do is determine why on God’s green earth do you need a website or web page. Is it to bring market awareness to your business or organization? Is it to promote the sales and usage of your product and /or service? Is the purpose Is it to attract new members to join your organization? Finding your reason or why, is the first step in determining your perfect customer or member. Once your customer type determined then you can see how to market to the.
    For example, a Church’s reason for a website is far different than the reason a Fitness Trainer would want a site. As a website design company in New Orleans, we have learned that ever site’s reason is different.
    Once the reason or reasons are developed, then make a clear bullet list of those reasons. Make sure in the interview with prospective website design company that these points are addressed.
  2. Research your competition-  find out the good, the bad and the ugly that your competition is doing online.
    I’m a firm that there are very few new ideas. What happens in business is the same ideas are executed differently and uniquely. Look at Popeye’s for instance, many different fried chicken places but they do it in their own way.  Reaching your competition and other business or organizations is important to get a clear idea of what is helping others succeed. You should google search your business idea and review the first pages of sites that come up in the results. Those are the sites that are getting the most visits and chances are they are doing something right to get those visits.
    Check out the color schemes they are using. Are they using a contact form on the Home page? Where is the logo placed on the site? Where is the business contact information?
    You can then record and document your findings as points to include in your new design
  3. Purchase your own domain name and make sure you own it. – Never leave the ownership in the hands of others.
    Purchasing your own domain name is huge because on the web, it is all about ownership of your marketing materials. Here is a worst case scenario to consider. Let’s say your website designer purchases your domain name for you as a favour to the new client.  In a few years, your online store becomes a global success and everyone knows the name. If the website design sees the popularity of the name, they can sell that name to the highest bidder while leaving you without a name or having to pay over the top fees to continue to use the name, all while you never own.that name. So to avoid having your domain name (yoursite.com) held captive or even lost, just purchase your own name for less that $20 a year.  Also be careful not to sign up for all those unneeded extra charges that those domain name registry companies love to throw into buying a domain name.
    Checkout Namehero for a great domain name buying experience.
  4. View the development portfolio of the prospective designer
    When picking a website developer, the developer should have an active and updated portfolio of clients site that they have developed.As a website design company in New Orleans, I run across so many unsatisfied website clients not happy with their current website. Upon speaking about the bad website design experience, many customers had never even seen a decent portfolio of the website developer they used. Getting a website developed for your business or organization is similar to having a storefront or home built for your business. Would you give a construction company money to build your  home and you had never seen one home they successfully built? Hopefully not and hopefully you will demand that a website developer show you a proposal of active site.
    Another thing to look for is how many active clients sites has the company currently online. Just because someone built a website in 2010 does not mean they can build a successful site that get traffic and sales in 2019.  Please don’t hesitate to view our website development portfolio.


Please feel to ask NOLA Web Team any questions about your website design project and don’t forget to check out our Website Development Portfolio.

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